Books I Love

Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn
I read this book for a 6-week workshop that I took all about mindfulness meditation. It’s very easy to follow and provides hands-on tips and practices that you can begin to use in your daily life. I highly recommend this for anyone trying to incorporate more mindfulness into their lives.

A Woman’s Guide to Manifestation (there is also a workbook!) by Bianca Guerra
If you are ever wondering if you’re on the right journey, or have decided to change the journey you’re on, or any scenario in between, then this is the book for you. I love that she also created a workbook! Here, I can spell out my own goals, aspirations, and problems. It’s a book that forces me (in a good way) to reflect internally and to have those hard conversations with myself. You can read the whole book then go through each of the sections of the workbook (which line up with the book), read a chapter and work on the corresponding section of the workbook, or start and ignore it for a few months and pick up right where you left. There’s no correct way to manifest your dreams. Also, I know it’s called A Woman’ Guide…, but it’s not really gender specific, in my opinion.

In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore
In a fast-paced world, run by deadlines and multi-tasking, one of the most challenging things to do is to slow down. This book is a wonderful reminder and is separated into different sections that can be applied to multiple parts of our lives.

The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.

Save Your Gallbladder Naturally and what to do if you’ve already lost it by Sandra Cabot, M.D.& Margaret Jasinska

The Handbook of Health Behavior Change by Reikert, et. al, 4th edition

Products I Love

Veriditas by Pranarom essential oils – I am SO happy I found this brand! It’s a wonderful company with all certified organic therapeutic grade essential oils, oil blends, and hydrosols. I use essential oils for everything from making my own homemade toothepaste, skin care products, boosting my mood, and help with occasional headaches. They’ve got awesome blends as well – my favorite is Mental Clarity which is great for when you need a little extra help with focusing, meditation or yoga practice, headaches and more. They’ve also got deodorant made for both men and women – I’ve been using this for 3 years and it’s THE BEST!

Anti-Stress Magnesium Kit (tea and topical spray) by Organic Olivia – of the many nutrient deficiencies that are evident in our modern society, magnesium is one of the most important. I drink the tea (passionfruit & acai flavored and DELICIOUS) when I’ve got the occasional headache, when I have trouble sleeping, and even when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. I use the spray for sore or overworked muscles after a workout. It can also be used for headaches or menstrual issues. This is also just a great company started by a truly inspiring individual. She’s got great information on just about everything you can imagine.

OPTP Pro-Roller standard density foam roller
Foam rollers are sometimes referred to as “the poor man’s chiropractor” because of how beneficial they are for our muscle, joint, and overall physical health. OPTP brand is made specifically for the demands of physical therapy clinics and Pilates or yoga studios and the materials are made to outperform the typical store bought brands (not all foam rollers are created equal! I actually bought mine from a Pilates studio). I love this foam roller for my back, muscles, and other trigger points. It can also be used in various Pilates exercises. The link I provided also provides links to different videos all about the benefits of foam rollers. There’s also a ton of videos on YouTube. Use these resources if you are unsure how to use a foam roller. You will not regret investing in such a simple, yet powerful product.

Cuisinart food processor – If you need to chop or slice a ton of vegetables or ever plan on making your own spreads or dips, then a food processor will be one of your best investments. I use this to shred or slice carrots, potatoes, and other tough vegetables, saving a bunch of time. I also use a food processor to make spreads and sauces like hummus and pesto. I’m even working on perfecting a recipe for a healthy Hazelnut spread (Nutella alternative).

Citrus Press – It’s safe to say that most of the recipes I work on involve adding some large amount of lemon or lime juice. The citrus press has made it way easier to get the most out of my citrus without making a huge mess. I also like this product because it’s stainless steel – no plastic or weird paints or metals.

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